; Cyber Scanner - No distribute antivirus scanner


What is this service for?

We provide a scanning service with multiple antiviruses at once. More antiviruses and features are likely to be added in the future.
We do NOT take responsability for any service advertised in our paid banners, all deals are on your own risk.

Why isn't this free?

Unlike other scanners (ex:virustotal) where you are the product and the samples are being distributed, we provide a scanner that doesn't distribute the sample. The costs are modest and needed to keep this service running, we did not made this with the goal of making profit.

Are the files distributed to antivirus companies?

NO, cyber scanner does NOT distribute any sample. We care about your privacy. All files are automatically deleted within minutes.

How does this work?

You need to buy a token from the pricing tab and input it in the token text-box before scanning. Only accepted payments are crypto currency and perfect money. PM payments are processed manually !

Help, I received an error saying "Maximum number of allowed IPs have been reached".

In order to prevent abuse, you are not allowed to scan with more than 2 ips in a 24 hours time frame. All ips are pruned every day and no logs are kept. All antiviruses are updated daily !

I lost my token, how can i recover it?

Sorry, but is nothing we can do about it. We are trying to keep this service privacy friendly and no personal informations as stored.

I want to advertise my product on this website, is this possible?

Yes, ads will help this service surviving, however we support only banners type ads and spots are limited. Contact us for more information !

What can I do with the API?

You can implement this scanner into your gui application. Both c# and vb .net demos are available. We do NOT support API for using our engine on another website.

I still have questions, what can I do?

Our contact details are found on this page. Don't hesitate to write us !